dental-phobia-11Tips for Keeping your Breath Fresh All Day

It’s difficult to interact with, communicate, and even hug other people if you have bad breath. This doesn’t only apply to the person with bad breath, but also the people interacting with that individual. Sometimes brushing your teeth doesn’t guarantee that you won’t have bad breath. You can keep your breath fresh all day by practicing proper oral hygiene and implementing the following tips:

• Brush your teeth twice a day. Make sure you use a soft- or medium-bristle brush because it’s gentler on your teeth and gums.

• Use toothpaste that contains antibacterial agents like triclosan and fluoride. For the best results, consider using toothpaste with a nice scent such as mint or bubble gum for kids.

• Make sure to also brush your tongue when you brush your teeth. At first, brushing your tongue may feel ticklish, but this feeling doesn’t last for long. Consider using a tongue scraper once a week or daily if bad breath is a major concern.

• Buy mouthwash and gargle it for at least 15 seconds after brushing your teeth to kill germs and bacteria in your mouth.

• Drink water all throughout the day. Water helps wash out bacteria and food remains in the mouth. Whoosh water around in your mouth after having a meal.

• Chew sugar-free gum. The mint will help keep your mouth fresh and get rid of food particles in your mouth. Sugar-free gum doesn’t encourage the development of plaque on your teeth.

Other Ways to Reduce Bad Breath

Avoid foods with lots of onions and garlic. However, if you do eat such foods, be sure to chew raw parsley afterward to freshen your breath. You can also chew fennel seeds after meals. Fennel seeds are a natural breath freshener.

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