If you need both restorative and cosmetic dental care, lifelike bonding and fillings may be the solution for you. These procedures fill in areas where some of your natural tooth structure has been lost because of decay or a chip. The procedure takes about 60 minutes for one tooth.

When to Consider Lifelike Bonding and Fillings

You may want a lifelike bonding or filling procedure if you have a tooth that is chipped and noticeable when you smile. If you have an area of decay in a front tooth, it can be filled with the lifelike composite resin materials. These materials are not as noticeable as a gold or amalgam filling, and this makes them more aesthetically pleasing when you smile. You may also want to use these lifelike materials if you have an allergy to metals or sensitive teeth.

How Lifelike Bonding and Fillings Are Applied to Teeth

To apply the lifelike bonding and filling material, your dentist begins by cleaning the tooth’s surface. The surface of the tooth is roughened, and a conditioning material is applied. The lifelike material is customized for you by your dentist. It is applied to a clean, dry tooth and hardened with a special light or laser.

What to Expect From Lifelike Bonding and Fillings

Lifelike bonding and fillings restore your smile. The bonded and filled teeth should be cared for at home like your other teeth, with daily flossing and brushing at least twice daily. Unless the lifelike material is being used to fill a cavity, you will not need any anesthesia for this procedure. Only one visit is needed unless you are having multiple teeth bonded or filled.

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